Champagne-sur-Seine : a unique industrial legacy

M majestic building made of white burrstone, glass and steel, the electrical equipment factory stands proudly in the centre of Champagne-sur-Seine, between the river and railway.

Built in 1901 by Schneider, it was the last “industrial cathedral” designed by architect Paul Friesé. The modest village of Champagne-sur-Seine transformed, step by step, into a town totally organised by and for the factory.
Between 1901 and 1921, a whole new town, complete with housing, schools, shops and sports facilities (a stadium and velodrome), was built according to the plans of architect Edmond Delaire.
The various districts of the town illustrate the different types of working class housing in the twentieth century, including terraces, two-family houses, housing estates and council housing, offering a range of built heritage to explore.

At its peak, the factory employed 2800 people. Following a difficult period at the turn of this century, electric motor production resumed in Champagne-sur-Seine in 2009. The industrial adventure continues !


Places to visit around the factory

The Russian chapel


The Schneider factory attracted a Russian community fleeing the revolution, which formed an association and decided to build a place of worship. Construction of the church was completed between 1938 and 1939. It was consecrated on the 24th of September 1939 and dedicated to ”Notre-Dame de Toutes les Protections”. Now owned by the town of Champagne-sur-Seine, the church has become a place of remembrance and labeled Heritage of Regional Interest, allowing the discovery of a rare and precious place which offers documentation on the urbanization of the town and the history of the factory.
Open on request for groups (entrance fee)
Chemin de la Garde-de-Dieu, Champagne-s/Seine

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A route to discover the town

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