If history fascinates you and you like to explore, many remains of the past (such as cave paintings, menhirs and the Gallo-Roman bridge) are dotted throughout the local area. Read on to find out more. Marked hiking trails lead to these points of interest, as well as rich rural heritage, including churches, châteaux, fortified farms, bridges, wash houses and wells. You can find them on the Moret Seine & Loing hiking trail map, available for free at the Tourist Office. A more exhaustive Topo-guide® is also available to purchase.

Explore the countryside in Moret Seine & Loing

La tuilerie de Bezanleu

In operation since the 17th century, the Bezanleu tile factory, located in a hamlet in the village of Treuzy-Levelay, reached its peak at the end of the 19th century. Burgundian tiles, tiles, bricks and pottery were produced here (until the year 2000), from clay extracted from the land, and baked in the large Gallo-Roman ovens fueled by wood from the adjoining lands.
A unique, 100% local artisanal product and a know-how whose reputation was such that former President François Mitterand equipped his Parisian apartment on rue Bièvre with his precious floor tiles!

Today, the site, made up of 18 halls and buildings, dominated by its 27-metre chimney, is undergoing a renaissance. Winner of the heritage lottery, it is being restored. It is open to visitors and regularly hosts cultural events (concerts, festivals, etc.).

Guided tours of approximately 1h30 from April to September

Information and reservations:

Le Pont Thierry

Footbridge over the Lunain ford, located in the hamlet of La Noue Blondeau. Similar to that of Roman bridges, its construction explains its name, even though it is likely that it dates from a later period. However, as Paley was a very busy centre in Gallo-Roman times, a paved ford probably existed here in the first few centuries of the Common Era. Requires a walk through the forest: the ” Lunain historique ” (Historic Lunain) route.

Menhirs, standing stones and rocks

Menhirs, standing stones and rocks

There are many neolithic polishing stones and megaliths listed as historic monuments along the valleys of Loing, Orvanne and Lunain. They are all echoes of legends and pagan customs. Often located in private woods or on cultivated land, here are a few examples that can be seen from the edge of the path..

Sault rock in Villecerf

A ten-metre-high megalith. Direct access. Table, bench and parking.
Route d’Episy (D22).

The “straight stone” in Écuelles