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Eurovéloroute: the track to follow for a small bicycle ride, or an adventure trip across Europe!

Euroveloroute allows you to discover the bucolic landscapes and the heritage of our territory, while promoting ecotourism. Otherwise known as The Scandinavian, or the Pilgrim Bike Route, it is part of a network of 17 long-distance routes throughout Europe. </ strong> This exceptional cycle track (1700 km) connects Trondheim in Norway to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. It crosses 18 French departments and goes through Moret Seine & amp; Loing where borrows the towpaths and roads of Champagne-sur-Seine, St. Mammès, Moret-sur-Loing, Écuelles, Episy and La Genevraye. </ Strong> </ p> Before you pedal, surf! </ Strong> </ p> Numerous digital tools have been put in place to promote Eurovéloroute 3. You can connect to the general site dedicated to the French part of Eurovéloroute 3 ( ), you will find specific information on the site of the Scandibérique in Seine-et-Marne ( ). And to facilitate your preparations, you will have the opportunity to use social networks (facebook, instagram) and download a smartphone app. </ P>


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