Thomery cultivated the Golden Chasselas grape until the mid-nineteen century. This exquisite grape graced the Kings’table. Today we can still visit part of the 350km of paths known as” Les Longs Sillons”, long furrows winding between the walls of the vineyards ( Listed Historic Building ) leading to the ancient Port de l’Effondré, some grape storerooms and the Salomon garden glasshouses

Group tour on request:

80.00 € per group (maximum 20 persons)
– Free driver and guide.

Grape chambers, Salomon greenhouse and "longs sillons" path walk:

2.00 € / person. « grouped » individuals tour,
10 persons minimum.


Thomery tourist information:

11 rue de la République
77810 THOMERY.
Phone/fax: 01 64 70 80 14.


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