Moret Seine & Loing offers 16 hiking loops, so many good reasons to discover this area conducive to strolling, or walking sports.
From emblematic sites to more secret landscapes, let us guide you...

LThe 16 circuits, with evocative names (Les venelles de Veneux) or more mysterious (the supreme being in Roman land), offer loops of 6 to 20 kilometers, suitable for all levels and all tastes.

To test yourself against these 200 km of trails, you also get the "map of hiking routes Moret Seine & Loing" available free of charge at the Tourist Office, which is packed with useful practical information before departure.

In the field, amenities have been made to materialize the routes and to facilitate your orientation: 200 kilometers of fully marked trails and information boards, with a detailed map of the circuit.

  • Easy: less than 12 km, with cumulative elevation gain less than 100m
  • Average: between 12 and 17 km, with cumulative elevation gain between 100 and 150m
  • Hard: between 16 and 25 km, with cumulative elevation gain more than 100m à 150m

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