Hidden away behind the first folds of the Gâtinais Region, along the banks of the River Orvanne, Villecerf has a peaceful life.
Even better, it has its own mountain: Mount Trin, with a farm, the ancient Grandmont Monks’Priory. But to recall the past, you will have to use your imagination, for today’s quiet and charming village has changed since the time of pre-revolution princely pleasures. Demolished, the Mansion of Saint-Ange, built by Francis1st for the Duchess of Etampes! Forgotten, the days when Boileau, Madame de Sévigné or Voltaire came to stay…

Villecerf of the third millennium hides away from the hustle and bustle, to better enjoy the flowingwaters of the River Orvanne. But walkers following the GR11 walking trail which crosses the village will always be given a warm welcome here and they will enjoy the peacefulness of the surrounding hamlets, the 12th century Church and the astonishing megalith “La Roche du Sault” keeping watch over the timelessness which reigns over the village.



12th – 17th century.

Eglise Saint-Martin

12th - 19th century - “Listed Historic Monument”.

La Roche-du-Sault

A 10 metre-high megalith.

Hiking trails

The GR 11 crosses the village territory and goes past the Roche du Sault.

« A travers le maquis de Roy» and «Entre Loing et Orvanne», 13 and 14 km loops.
Starting point and recommended parking: Place Marquis de Roys



Population: 723 inhabitants

Area:  1094 hectares

Mairie :

9 rue de l’Eglise
Phone: 01 64 24 93 08

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