Vernou-La Celle-sur-Seine

Numerous hamlets have, over the centuries, gradually formed the village of Vernou-La-Celle (Marangis, La Thurelle, Montoir…).
With three Manor-Houses, two Churches, 63 km of roads and paths, ideal for walks or rides, river banks equipped for picnics, Vernou offers visitors a wide and impressive variety of leisure activities.

History enthusiasts will learn about the famous visitors of the manor-houses.
Dedicated sportsmen will enjoy nature walks or horse rides, from the Stud-Farm in Marangis or the Equestrian Farm in Graville, they can also enjoy a swim at the swimming-pool or have a game of tennis.
Strollers will discover the Valley with the Seven Mills, along the small river Flavien, or the Saint-Fortuné Fountain which provided cures to those who suffered from a fever!

The most adventurous will be keen to venture among the tree-tops on the Course of the Lemure in Graville.

Eglise St Fortuné - Vernou-la-Celle-sur-Seine

L'église Saint-Fortuné de Vernou-Bourg (12th –13th –16th century)

The oldest part of the building, under the spire, dates back to the 12th century. This Church was built under the auspices of the Chapter of Notre Dame de Paris.
Note an outstanding 8 metre high rose-window and listed pieces of furniture.

Église Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens à La-Celle (12th - 15th century)

Overlooking the River Seine, it has interesting listed pieces of furniture (statues, a crucifix, stained-glass windows).

La fontaine de Saint-Fortuné, at la Thurelle

According to the legend, Saint-Fortuné could work miracles.
He was said to have the power to cure illnesses which the poor suffered from, notably “the fever”.

La Vallée des 7 moulins

Along the river Flavien.

Hiking trails

«Autour du Mont Vernou-La Celle», 14 km loop and «L'eau, le fer, la pierre», 11 km loop.
Starting point and recommended parking: La Celle cemetery parking lot, chemin des carrières - Walking tour from Vernou-La Celle train station

Walking and biking trail « Entre Seine et Brie »

For you to discover the wealth of the natural heritage of the villages of La Grande-Paroisse and Vernou-La-Celle, information bollards have been set up near the places of interest. They are situated on free access trails. Booklets are available at the town hall of La Grande Paroisse and at the town hall of Vernou-La-Celle-sur-Seine.


Rue des Colinettes
Tél. : 01 64 23 08 32

Parc Lémurien de Graville

8 acrobatic courses for all abilities: monkey-bridges, zip-wires, jump of the lemur,
Tarzan swings, cargo-nets, walkways and an exclusive 22 metre perpendicular jump.
Access to the park is situated in Champagne-sur-Seine.
Phone: 01 60 39 07 04 / 06 82 41 08 18.

Ferme Équestre de Graville

Equestrian Farm
Rides by the hour, day-tours, or week-tours
Nathalie Rouliot
Tél. : 06 14 20 00 64
Courriel :
Site :

Haras de Marangis

Equestrian center.
Phone: 01 64 23 36 03

Site of Special Scientific Interest : “Le Tuf de La Celle”

Cascades of tufa, -a variety of limestone-

Population: 2715 inhabitants

Area:  2242 hectares

Gare SNCF Transilien

Town hall

Place des Anciens Combattants
Phone: 01 60 74 56 80

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Vernou-La Celle-sur-Seine
Vernou-La Celle-sur-Seine

Between MORET-SUR-LOING and FONTAINEBLEAU, in a splendid domain of 450 ha of private forest...
Vernou-La Celle-sur-Seine
Vernou-La Celle-sur-Seine
Vernou-La Celle-sur-Seine

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