Thomery graced the Kings residing in Fontainebleau, as well as the Parisians gourmets, with Chasselas grapes available throughout the year. In order to do so, 300km of vine walls were built on the hillsides, all facing the perfect orientation.
Such distinctive architecture has shaped the Thomery landscape with these “mineral scarifications”.
Local Associations are now reviving a unique technique known as “à rafle verte”, which was invented at the Renaissance Period, which allowed the grapes, once they were picked, to keep fresh through the winter !

On the banks of the River Seine, close to the Château de la Rivière, a beautiful private estate, and the 12th century Church Saint-Amand, restored in 2006 and designated a “Listed Historic Monument”, was where the King used to come and bathe. Previously known as “Les Bains du Roi”, the “Port d’Effondré” is also where the precious grapes were loaded for their destination. Francis 1st came to Fontainebleau and enjoyed this quiet bend of the River Seine. The site has preserved all the majesty of the period. Art and particularly painting has completed this epicurean setting, thanks to Rosa Bonheur, the famous animal painter who came and set up her studio at the top of the village.

Guided tours will show you round Thomery and its unexpected history.


Le port d'effondré

Built in the reign of Philippe Auguste for the transport of sandstone from Fontainebleau, the port was, later on, used for the transport of grapes to Paris.

Thomery - le port

Chambre à raisins

Private property.
Guided tours for groups (min. 10 people)
By request at thomery Syndicat d'initiative


Chambre à raisin - Thomery

Thomery guided tour

The banks of the Seine hide unsuspected wealth. Thus, Thomery will surprise you for the cultivation of chasselas and its original preservation method. Accompanied by a local guide who is passionate about his city, you will discover some of the 350 km of the "longs sillons" trail, the grape chambers, the Solomon garden and the glasshouses. The visit of the Rosa Bonheur studio, intact since the disappearance of the animal sculptor-painter, will complete a day classified between art and heritage

The Salomon Garden Glasshouses

Cette serre est la dernière de l'ensemble que formaient les établissements de viticulture Salomon et fils à Thomery. Ces serres étaient destinées à produire du raisin précoce et permettait également la réalisation de sélections et d'expérimentations pratiquées par cette famille de viticulteurs qui fit beaucoup pour le renom et la modernisation de cette culture.

This glasshouse is the last of all that formed the viticulture establishments "Salomon and son" in Thomery. These glasshouses were intended to produce early grapes and also allowed the selection and experiments practiced by this family of winemakers who did much for the renown and the modernization of this culture.

Serres Salomon - Thomery

Eglise Saint-Amand (12th – 15th – 18th century)

Situated in the heart of the village, the Church is dedicated to Saint-Amand, the Bishop who evangelized the district around this bend of the River Seine circa 630. It was designated a “Listed Historic Monument” in 1948 and restored in 2006.

The site of” the Longs Sillons”, vine-growing

“Listed Historic Monument”, Thomery was famous for its table grapes, grown on a climbing vine set up on 300km of walls or so, built as early as 1730. These grapes were renowned for their methods of production and preservation alike, invented in Thomery.

Hiking trail «Seine, murs et forêt»

9 km loop. Departure points and recommended car parks: Greffülhe Square and Thomery railway station

Boating club

Loisirs Canoë
Phone: 01 60 72 05 50

Since May 25, 1899, time has stopped in Rosa Bonheur's workshop


Population: 3382 inhabitants

Area: 371 hectares

Town hall:

phone: 01 64 70 51 65
Fax: 01 64 70 51 73

9, rue de la République 77810 Thomery


on Tuesday mornings

Local festivals

More than thirty cultural, sports and other associations offer regular activities or occasional events. Some of these events, organized every year, are local Thomery celebrations.

Saint Vincent festival

It takes place on the Saturday closest to St. Vincent (January 22). After the religious ceremony, all Thomeryons are invited to tasting the hot wine offered by the president of the New Year.

Saint Patouillat festival

t takes place on the Saturday and Sunday following Ascension Thursday. Torchlight Retreat and carnival enliven this holiday. A "garage sale" day is organized on Sundays.

Saint Jean festival

It takes place on the Saturday closest to Saint John.
On the program: camp fire, big fireworks and various shows (dances and folk groups ..).

Small jewel in the heart of the "château" of Rosa Bonheur

Four suites will be open in the Château, allowing guests to stay amongst the artist's...

Cottage in free management.
Rented in weekend, week or all month.
Equestrian home.

The Auclair property offers a haven of peace, for a night or more, in a green and warm...

Forum Ecologissons


Jardins Salomon à Thomery
  • Exposition d'aquarelles

    On mardi 25 février 2020 at 00:00


    Salle de la PLage


    Exposition d’aquarelles de l’association Rouge Ciel  

  • Exposition d'aquarelles

    On mercredi 26 février 2020 at 00:00


    salle de la Plage


    Exposition d’aquarelles de l’association Rouge Ciel   

  • Bal Folk

    On samedi 29 février 2020 at 16:00


    Salle Polivalente


    Un moment de convivialité qui invite petits et grands à danser en groupes, à deux, en cercle, en ligne … des danses simples de nos régions, sur des musiques traditionnelles.  

    Initiation aux Danses Trad’ de 16h à 18h
    (pas besoin d’être expert !) puis, à 18h30, repas tiré du sac, partagé entre stagiaires et musiciens.

    Puis BAL FOLK dès 20 h 30 avec  PIC NOTE FOLK

    PIC NOTE FOLK est un groupe de musiciens de la région passionnés de traditions populaires et de musique dite Trad’ qui défie les modes et le temps.

    Bal Folk : Adultes : 8 €, Jeunes 13/18 ans : 5 €, 12 ans : gratuit
    Initiation danses folk : 5 €
    Bal Folk + Initiation danses folk : Adultes : 12 €, Jeunes 13/18 ans : 8 € 

    Contact Marie-Claude 06 81 41 94 30 

  • BAL FOLK pour enfants

    On samedi 07 mars 2020 at 15:00


    Salle de la Chapelle


    15h30 Concert folk pour enfants
    "Pic Note Folk"

    Buvette, maquillage, défilé de costumes et boum

    Entrée libre sur inscription

    Tarifs: 1 ticket = 1€ / 6 tickets = 5€
    Maquillage: 2 tickets
    Boisson: 1 ticket
    2 mini crêpes: 1 ticket
    Part de gâteau: 2 tickets

  • Fête de la Saint-Patrick

    On vendredi 20 mars 2020 at 00:00


    Salle de la Plage


    organisée par le Comité des Fêtes

  • Chasse aux oeufs

    On dimanche 12 avril 2020 at 00:00


    rue Rosa Bonheur


    pour les enfants - Terrain Valenti

  • Forum Ecologissons

    On dimanche 26 avril 2020 at 10:00


    Jardins Salomon


    Pour sa 5e édition, le dimanche 26 avril, le Forum Ecologissons rassemblera encore plus d’acteurs locaux engagés (alimentation, habitat, transport, zéro déchet…) et proposera des conférences, ateliers, animations enfants et un « village » dédié au thème de la forêt.

    Rendez-vous de 10h à 18h aux Jardins Salomon.

    Restauration sur place. Entrée libre.

    Programme :


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