The geographical situation of Montigny is responsible for its wealth and originality. The town is nature-orientated, surrounded by the state forest of Fontainebleau to the north, the Plaine de Sorques (a Site of Special Scientific Interest) to the east and the meandering River Loing to the south. From the Town Centre alleyways lead to the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

Along the Loing, Montigny offers a wide variety of leisure properties, from fishing-huts enjoying a few private metres on the banks to magnificent villas set by the water or on hilltops with superb views over the surrounding countryside.

Like the neighbouring towns, Montigny-sur-Loing has welcomed numerous artists and writers who came to enjoy its charm and tranquillity. With the arrival of the railway and the construction of a viaduct in 1860, new populations came from Paris to settle here. Dozens of walking trails and bridle paths start from the town. Enjoy the “bathing area” along the Loing or discover a diversity of flora and fauna while strolling along the way marked paths in the Plaine de Sorques.

Venture on the hillsides bordering the forest in september and for those of you who are daring and fortunate, you might find very tasty wild grapes, what survives of the vineyards which were decimated by phylloxera. But those secret grape locations, like those of mushrooms do not give themselves away, you have to discover them for yourself !


Haras du Croc Marin

Horse Riding Centre
Phone: 01 64 45 84 01
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Haras du Loing

Horse Riding Centre
Phone: 06 88 16 41 67
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Poney Club

Equestrian walks on request.
Chemin des Trembleaux.
Phone: 06 83 86 61 55

Site of special Scientific Interest - The Plaine de Sorques

This exceptional site has been equipped to allow you to discover the diversity of fauna and flora and landscapes of the Loing valley.
A way-marked path goes through the marsh, along the ponds, the water meadows and the woods.
Two ornithologist observatories allow you to stop for more detailed observation.
Guided tours are offered by the House of Environment.

Saint-Pierre & Saint-Paul church

The Church, with its original foundations dating from the 12th century, was restored in the 17th century and was designated a Listed Historic Monument in 1926. Note the statue of the Virgin Mary and Saint John (Listed Historic Monument in 1950) and the painting of Saint Vincent carrying the crown of martyrdom (Listed Historic Monument in 1979).

DIscovery trails

3 discovery trailsare offered by the Tourist Bureau : “Art and Heritage”, “Art and History”, and “Between woodlands and the Loing”

Hiking trail: «De Kosciuszko à Croc Marin» (from Kosciuzko to Croc Marin)

17 km loop. Starting point and recommended parking: railway station car park


Population: 2874 inhabitants

Area:  918 hectares

Town hall:

place de la Mairie
Phone: 01 64 45 82 86

Tourists bureau:

45 rue du Loing
77690 Montigny sur Loing
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The "haras du croc marin" welcomes you all year in a pleasant setting, on the edge of the...

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