La Genevraye

As you arrive in La Genevraye, you will be stunned by this natural promontory crowned with an outstanding 12th century church, overlooking the surrounding countryside. Throughout history, La Genevraye has brought together various fiefs and hamlets (Berville, La Tour Gratereau), it is today one of its charms which, with the 18th century Loing Canal, invite you to picturesque and pastoral strolls. A source of inspiration for numerous Seine et Loing artists, notably Maurice Martin (1874-1978), La Genevraye offers you leisure activities throughout the year : fishing, biking, an art pottery, stoneware and china studio…


Saint-Martin church - XIIth century

Listed "Historical Monument” in 1926, this church, built outside the village, is still surrounded by its original cemetery. It features a painting representing “Saint-Martin sharing his cloak”.

Ancient farms

The village has ancient farms typical of the Gâtinais Region.

The Loing river canal

Built between 1720 and 1724 and deepened in the 19th century, calls for pleasant walks.

Circuit de randonnée «Du Canal du Loing aux berges du Lunain»,

Boucle de 17 km.
Point de départ et parking conseillé : parking de la Mairie

Location de VTT et animations sportives pour groupes et individuels

Matériel fourni : VTT Giant et Trek, casque, carte, sac à dos, nécessaire de réparation, boussole, anti-vol.
Idées de balade : Foret de Fontainebleau, Barbizon, Vallée du Loing
Matthieu Pêcheur
Tél. : 06 08 27 97 73

La Genevraye pottery

Pottery workshop - Cugny
Ceramic coffee, sale of ceramists production, organization of courses and internships.
Visit the exhibition hall at La Genevraye by appointment.
Catherine Salmon
Phone: 01 64 45 89 58

Graterreau Fish Farm

Fishing site opens throughout the year.
Rue Garenne Grattereau
Phone: 01 64 45 80 51



Population: 640 inhabitants

Area:  1316 ha

Town hall:

3 route de Nemours
Tél. : 01 64 45 83 81
La Genevraye

"In the place called "La Genevraye" was built, in the year 1600, a relay for sailors, who has...
La Genevraye
La Genevraye

"In the place called "La Genevraye" was built, in the year 1600, a relay for sailors, who has...


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