Open to the public, these 5 sites remarkable for their preserved and valued flora and fauna cover an area of more than 200 hectares.They allow the discovery of ecosystems and offer many and varied walks for nature lovers.

If you want to know more, the Seine-et-Marne House of Environment regularly organizes naturalistic outings in the Sensitive Natural Areas.

Leaflets are also available at the Tourist Office.

   The Plaine of Sorques
(Montigny / Moret-sur-Loing)
Straddling the communes of Montigny-sur-Loing and Moret-sur-Loing, this site linking the banks of the Loing to the forest of Fontainebleau is composed of woods, meadows, marshes and ponds. Two ornithological observatories and "discovery" trails are set up for walkers.

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   The marsh of Episy
Appointment of all the great botanists of the eighteenth century which constituted here their herbarium, the floristic, herbaceous and muscular wealth is astonishing. The site is accessible via a passage on stilts arranged above the peat bog.

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   The "Basses Godernes"
This wooded area, offers a loop walk along an old branch of the Seine. An ideal site for fishermen.

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   The Clemenceau meadow
This vast wetland located along the river in Moret-sur-Loing faces the barn, former property of the family "Tiger" G. Clemenceau. It is home to many protected species.

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   The Tuf quarry
This uncommon sensitive natural space, permanently open to the public, will deliver surprising discoveries. It offers an educational pathway with 8 panels presenting the palaeontological wealth of the site.

Le Tuf de la Celle sur le site

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