The first manuscripts referring to Treuzy-Levelay date from the 9th century. The first setting-up of an industrial site dates back to the 17th century with the Tile Factory of Bezanleu, which is still in operation today. Today this amazingly charming old factory, modernized in the19th century, can be visited on Art and Industrial History Events.

Treuzy-Levelay, the past is palpable along walking trails, or in the heart of the village with the Church of Saint-Martin and the old wash-houses all along the quiet and tranquil River Loing which fishing enthusiasts also enjoy.


Eglise St-Martin (13th century))

The Church of Treuzy dates mainly from the Middle-Ages. The four sided sloping roof is fairly rare in this region..

Tuilerie de Bezanleu (17th-19th century))

Tile Factory
The clay soil prompted the local inhabitants to build tile kilns, such as the Tile Factory in Bezanleu.
It was renowned for the quality of its flat tiles known as “bourguignonnes”.

Hiking trail «Forêt de Nanteau»

9 km loop. Starting point and recommended parking: parking of the village hall, route de Nanteau

Population: 466 inhabitants

Area:  1,421 hectares

Town hall:

Place Gustave Moufrond
Phone: 01 64 29 01 06

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