This small village of 500 inhabitants, situated in the south of the Community of Moret-Seine&Loing opens up onto the Bocage de Gâtinais. In former times, Paley was on the road to Lutèce.
Paley was built as a stronghold to defend the area from barbarian invasions from the south. From these bygone days, the castle with its superb keep and the Church with its amazing weathervane representing a knight, designated a “Listed Historic Monument”, have survived.

Enthusiast walkers will enjoy Paley which consists of a dozen hamlets offering mills, wash-houses or fortified farms. In Paley, traces of the Roman presence and early French royalty can still be seen. Visitors will find an interest in the Pont Thierry, built in gallo-roman times to go across the Lunain or the Merovingian sarcophagus now lying in the courtyard of the Mairie.

Chateau de Paley

Château (12th – 15th century), restored in the 19th century

Around the 12th century, a square stronghold with no keep was built to defend the crossing of the Lunain. Pulled down and reconstructed in the 19th century, the building has retained the character of a fortified manor.

Le Pont Thierry

This gallo-roman bridge, which was built over the ford of the Loing is situated in the hamlet “La Noue Blondeau”.

Saint-George churchs, XIIe century

The Church was designated a “Listed Historic Monument” in 1949. Saint-Georges is traditionally the patron of Knights. On the pediment of the porch, an inscription was engraved in the stone, recalling the religious precepts of the Republic defended by Robespierre : “ The French People recognizes the Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul. 1794.”

Eglise Saint-Georges - Paley
Sarcophage Mérovingien - Paley

Hiking trails «Le Lunain historique» and «l'être suprême en terre romaine»

Loops of 16 and 18 km. Starting point and recommended parking: Car park, rue de la Mairie

Merovingian sarcophagus

Now set in the courtyard outside the Mairie, it revealed treasures which are now displayed in the Museum of Prehistory in Nemours.

Centre équestre Joé

Horse-Riding Centre.
37 route de la vallée
Phone: 06 82 48 98 41

Les chevaux du Lunain

Horse-riding centre.
9 route des Ricordeaux.
Henri Boustens.
Phone: 06 89 58 73 48

Les Gros Ormes

Local products and sweets.
Gilles et Corinne Garnier
39 route de la vallée -
Phone: 01 64 31 53 06

Population: 448 inhabitants

Area: 926 hectares

Town hall:

Rue de la mairie
Phone: 01 64 31 53 53


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