Numerous surprises await you in this small village with a funny name and humble demography - a Mansion, a Mill, a Church, farms with regional produce or pick-your-own farms and a leisure park -… Or even the 1882 rededo of Saint-Loup, a unique masterpiece.
Having built its prosperity on white stone extracted from its local quarries, the attractive main street of Nonville boasts an architecture typical of the Gâtinais Region.
A horse riding Centre with outstanding equipment adds to an unexpected diversity.

Eglise Saint-Michel de Nonville

Saint-Michel church (XIIe-XVIIe)

The Church still has many original features. The choir dates from the 12th century.
Its architecture follows the tradition of rural churches. It is dedicated to Saint Michael (Leader of the Army of God, the officer of the weighing of souls after death), which is unusual in this region, but also refers to the payment of rents, (in the rural areas of Medieval France, the farmers had to pay their rents to the landlord by Michaelmas on the 29th of September).

The Rededo of Saint-Loup, Cross (1882):

Saint-Loup is traditionally presented as a Saint who could cure children from the “fever” and, with an easy play on word, protected them from the fear of the wolf.

Ferme de La Nozaie

Regional produce for sale.
6 route de Montereau
Phone: 01 64 29 06 31

Email: - Website:

Ferme de Chauville

Horse-Riding Centre
16 route de la vallée
Phone: 06 88 06 39 31


Ecurie Jean-baptiste

Registered Horse-Riding Centre
Opens all week.
9 rue Grande.
Phone: 01 64 29 07 30
Email: - Website:

Festival of the arts of the circus and of the street “The Juggler is in the meadow”

Second weekend in September
Association Nonville Loisirs Culture
Phone: 06 19 35 16 99

Population: 621 inhabitants

Area: 1,142 hectares

Town hall:

Place de la Mairie
Phone: 01 64 29 01 34

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