Away from the main roads, nestling in the Orvanne valley, Montarlot offers visitors the tranquility of villages well aware of their beauty. Numerous contemporary artists have indeed chosen to live and work here. In Montarlot there are no showy and commercial galleries but local artists open their studios every weekend where you can view their work and discuss it with them. Very close to Moret-sur-Loing, Montarlot has preserved an authentic character tinged with an artistic spirit. Come and see it for your own pleasure


Some artists open their studios to visitors, by appointment:
(More information in town hall)

François Lauvin studio - Exposition/painting
The artist opens his studio to visitors


M. François Lauvin
Mme Malo Proix
M. Jean-Paul Proix
Mme Phyllis Weilt-Maximilien
M. Pierre Allinei


Mme Josette Leclerc

Hiking trail «Entre Loing et Orvanne» (between the Loing and Orvanne rivers)

14km loop. Starting point and recommended parking: Rue Grande parking lot, 200 m from the trail

Saint-Mammès church - XIIIth centur)

This Church was designated a “Listed Historic Monument” in 1908. It features a 12th century choir and a 13th century nave, surmounted by a square tower.
The Bell-tower, supported by four columns built under each angle of the belfry, contributes to the undeniable charm of the village

«Goûters d'art»

On the first weekend of every month, from 3pm to 7pm, you will be welcomed
by local artists who will happily show you their work, while sharing with you a cup
of tea or coffee. The exhibition room is situated next to the Mairie de Montarlot.

For more information mail to:


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Population: 230 inhabitants

Area:  521 hectares

Town hall:

rue des Joncs Tél: 01 60 70 82 97 /
Fax: 01 60 70 16 10.

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We are sorry, but no establishment/activity matched the search criteria

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