Like its neighbours of the community, Champagne-sur-Seine puts down its roots in the 12th century as testified by its church Notre-Dame, part of an outstanding building heritage along with the church Saint-François d'Assise and a Russian Orthodox chapel!

The old Champagne, with its origins on steep hillsides, skirts the "New" Champagne which sprung up at the dawn of the 20th century, both housing and industry being built at the same time. Schneider, Jeumont, ABB, whatever the requirements of its important firms were, the town was planned to answer their needs in buildings and manpower, on sites bordering the Seine.

Several streets have kept the stamp of these all powerful firms which shaped the town to their requirements to better serve their needs for production. These rows of workers' houses and blocks built at the factory-doors are part of our national heritage.

Did you know?

For certain planners, Champagne-sur-Seine is the first "new town" of the twentieth century. du XXe siècle. Indeed, the workers' housing, built almost simultaneously with the plant, are not rejected on the outskirts of town but make the connection between the factory and the old town. These "blocks" also included shops and stores that were necessary for the daily life of the new population.
Between 1902 and 1903, 270 houses and 404 shops were built and became the new center of the town.


Ancienne usine Schneider

Outstanding architecture of the former Schneider factory, a real "industrial cathedral" from the beginning of the 20th century.
At the beginning of the 20th century, when Schneider decided to open a branch related to the development of electricity, it chose Champagne-sur-Seine for its ease of access with Le Creusot and its proximity to the French capital.
The workers are brought from Le Creusot and housed in the premises of the factory.The industrial buildings are at the center of an enclosed domain, where the housing and the gardens of the directors and employees are arranged.
It is in this central dynamos assembly hall that the 1,500-kilowatt to 600-watt switches required for the operation of the Parisian subway are built.

Le Trou-canard

This out-of-town site is a major element in the geological heritage of Seine et Marne .
It has been equipped to allow on-site observation of its interesting geological jointing (diaclase) and its cascades of tufa.(a variety of limestone).
An information leaflet is available at the Tourist Office.

«L’île / les Basses Godernes»

This environment conservation area designated as a "Site of Special Scientific Interest", situated along the Seine river offers a walking trail of diversity among woodland , pond and water meadow.

Balade dans le centre ville

between the "blocks" and the small houses of the workers

Eglise Russe

This Orthodox chapel is open to visitors on Heritage Day

Notre Dame church - XIIe siècle

Saint-François d’Assisechurch (modern)

Cinéma Jean Gabin

Palais des Rencontres ,rue P. de Coubertin
Phone: 01 60 73 52 07

The Schneider electrical equipment factory, built in 1901 in Champagne-sur-Seine, attracted a...


Population: 6 621 inhabitants

Area: 728 hectares

Market: Thursday and saturday mornings

SNCF Railway Station

City hall:

149 rue Grande
Tél : 01 60 39 51 20

"Jean Gabin" cinema

Palais des Rencontres, rue Pierre de Coubertin

For further information: 01 60 73 52 05
Pricing: 6 € | reduced price: 4,50 € (children under 16, students, disabled persons) | Season ticket 28 € for 7 film shows 
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Palais des rencontres

Rue Pierre de Coubertin 
Information and reservations: 01 64 69 59 35
From monday to thursday, 9h to 12h and 14h to 17h. On friday, 9h to 12h and 14h to 16h45

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